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SGS Solutions


We love developing electronics!
From idea and the first sketches, to virtual prototype using CAD, to finished product.
With intelligent software and network technology.
Our customers benefit from German engineering, decades of experience and our uniquely broad spectrum of services.
This leads to efficiency, a short time-to-market and economic advantages. We have already given many purchaser the highest recognition from procurement and management.


Quality reduces costs!
If this seems controversial to you, please call us right now.
You are probably familiar with high costs due to lack of care, avoidable mistakes or missed budgets due to late deliveries. We’ll spare you that.
Through transparent calculations, appropriate solutions, clean engineering work and scalable production.
SGS Solutions means: not only getting an excellent product – but the quality of the entire process.


1 SGSian for your project – or 500 employees for the products of your corporation?
From small series to mass production – in the SGS Group, this is our daily business.
We have locations in Germany and internationally.
Our unique bandwidth ranges from hardware and software development to assembly and maintenance. If you wish, you can receive your product from us ready for sale.
For many of our customers, it is important to get products from a single source, from the idea through to service.
This has enabled us to achieve savings of up to 37% for customers. Sounds lurid, we would be happy to calculate it together for your company.

Your electronic product with SGS Solutions

We are familiar with the entire process and life cycle of electronic products. That’s why we always think about the following processes: You receive electronics tailored to your needs and save on costs in bulk production and device maintenance with us.

For us, development includes hardware and software. Our strength is in combining both and developing the best and most efficient solution for you.

For safe products and efficient developments with a short time-to-market, prototypes are recommended. We do that for you, also embedded in our or your development process.
You thereby secure your investment in the product. Software can be tested at an early stage on the near-series product, all certifications are available before SoP.

We are your flexible, scalable production without fixed costs.
Within truck range from Germany, for short delivery times and without stops at customs.
Up to the largest quantities that we produce in our factory in the SGS Group in India.
As a package with our other services, we are one of the few companies in Germany that develops, manufactures and maintains a ready-to-sell product for you.

Thanks to our wide range of services, we are familiar with the processes involved in the creation of electronic devices.
Of course, we assemble and pack your device ready for sale with all components.
From procurement of all parts to on-demand delivery. We will take care.

Solutions are important for maintenance and repairs. Not just thinking, also doing.
And maintenance based on needs that increases the value of your product. With accurate work, we bring it in a condition like new.
With us as your partner, you don’t have to worry about broken devices. We take care of this.

For your successful projects

Write us an e-mail, or let us just have chat, we look forward to.