Contract manufacturing electronics

Electronics manufacturing is an important part of modern industries and indispensable in our digitized world.
Professional manufacturing is crucial for the quality and reliability of your products.

We offer all services for the creation of electronic products. This allows you to benefit from our wide range of experience and processes.

Electronics manufacturing with SGS Solutions

For the success of our customers, we have been building up a unique portfolio of electronics manufacturing services for a decade.
All steps in the process benefit from our experience with the upstream and downstream processes. As a result, we manufacture lean, efficient and with the lowest error rates.
An example: We realize massive savings potential because we take into account what is important when maintaining a device during planning.

With planning, we also optimize your product for profitability.

We procure all components.

We manufacture your components using the latest methods.

We assemble your finished product with additional components.

Quality assurance. We test using standardized test procedures.

We pack all your components. We would be happy to assemble and ship your product in the final sales packaging with all accessories. This enables you to save a lot of other costs and processes.


We have the ideal technical options to match the volume. From manual work to machine and semi-automated assembly to fully automatic.

We solder by wave, reflow or vapor phase.

A 3D-AOI is integrated in our line. If needbe and beneficial, we inspect by X-Ray.

For maximum protection, we use high-quality vacuum casting – this avoids air bubbles and ensures the electronic properties.

We develop the necessary test devices ourselves.
Depending on the technical requirements, we test automatically and manually.

If you wish, we can integrate your electronics into your device and package it ready for sale. This saves you further steps and costs.

We track seamlessly via QR, RFID and SAP.

Insight of a section of our production area

SGS Group Factory

Flexible, skalierbare Elektronikfertigung aus einer Hand

Häufig erfahren wir zwei Kategorien an nachgefragten Volumen unserer Leistungen.


  • Small amounts
  • Testing the Market
  • Special Applications
  • First run for optimizations
  • Flexibly and locally manufactured


  • Large volumes
  • Return optimization
  • Constant, high quality in the series
  • Reliable partner is essential

We know the process from development to mass production and maintenance. For this reason, we design all steps for economical production with high returns for you.

We manufacture manageable volumes in an uncomplicated and quickly available manner at our locations in Germany.
In addition, the SGS Group has 26 production lines with 4,000+ employees in India.
We increase your production volumes to high volumes without changing the processes or the contact persons for you.

Benefit from our lean and flexible processes in several ways:
We relieve purchasing, bring you flexibility in production and your management is happy about better key figures.


We achieve economies of scale for our customers starting from the first piece!
We manufacture smaller quantities for you within truck range.
We scale for you to the largest quantities without you having to change processes with us.




Chips are installed per hour


Production lines


m² production area

Our certificates for your project

You will receive EU-compliant developments and electronics from us. We have a whole range of certificates that are important for various industries. Are you missing one?

SGS Zertifikate

For your success

How SGS Solutions Manufacturing Services Can Help You Succeed.

We manufacture extensive productions quickly and standardized. In this way we reduce the duration and amount of your tied budget.

We are constantly scaling our production capacities and making our services available to you. You don’t have to worry about anything and have no increasing fixed costs with increasing capacity.

There are enough specialists in our team to work for you to compensate for irregular workloads in your production. If you have your own production, we will absorb production peaks for you. This saves you costs and gives you maximum flexibility.

The power of a highly specialized production with 4,000+ employees on 46,000 m² is at your disposal. Without you having to worry about processes.

  • We manufacture electronic components and products for you at our locations in Germany, with short transport routes without stopping at customs.
  • Large volumes can get manufactured for you at favorable offshore conditions.
  • Together we work with other services on your value chain. With us as your partner, you can easily introduce or outsource other areas such as device maintenance or product development.

We always find a solution for you.
For example, if you are struggling with scarce components, we will carry out a redesign for you to keep your product running.

For your successful projects

Write us an e-mail, or let us just have chat, we look forward to.

SGS Solutions in the product lifecycle

If you are looking for efficient solutions for the upstream and downstream processes: We have a unique portfolio and cover the entire spectrum for successful electronic products.

ReparaturWartung Featured

Repairs and maintenance

Accurate. Integrated into your processes. Increasing your returns.

Gerätemontage Featured

Device assembly

Procurement. Assembly. Tests. Packaging. Logistics.

Softwareentwicklung Featured

Software development

Hardware related. Interdisciplinary. Efficient.

Prototypenbau Featured


Speed. Security. Safety. Cost optimization.

Schaltungs HW Entwicklung Featured

Circuit and hardware development

Your end product in focus. Solution oriented.