Software development

Software is the new hardware!

Through intelligent software development, we reduce expensive components that are difficult to obtain.
In combination with our hardware development, we create added value for you: The time-to-market and the costs in series production are reduced enormously.

Software is the new hardware!

We develop hardware-related: Our software specialists define the components in coordination with the hardware development and thus find the most economical way for you.
Much of what others solve with expensive components, we implement with modern software.

Anyone can come up with expensive solutions – only the best can do simple ones.

Since we are developing software for an electronic device – we should have one.
If the device is not yet fully developed, we will be happy to support you with our hardware Development Department.
In order to parallelize the processes, the construction of a prototype might be a good idea at. We use this to check the functionality on the real product and develop software close to series production.
Involve us in the development processes at an early stage for the greatest possible economic success: We are specialists in hardware and software for electronic devices. Finding the cheapest solution is our passion.

Regularly, we receive a functional and functional specification. If necessary, we offer to create the needes specifications.

For your success

How our software development contributes to your success.

We are one of the few companies to cover the entire life cycle of electronic products. This gives us expertise in all disciplines. This is what our customers appreciate and amaze again and again, as we find unconventional and unexpectedly profitable solutions.

We develop and build hardware. This benefits us in several ways in software development:

  • We know all the components
  • Disk space and execution times are optimal
  • The performance of our devices is high

This leads to more efficient use of the components – making your hardware as cheap and safe as possible.

Benefit from our wide repertoire of possible solutions: We develop, produce and maintain devices, software and solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Use the advantages of communication between the devices: This is possible with hardware and software – and we have mastered both. Our specialists secure systems and communication in the network.

We have been controlling displays for decades. However, it has only been economical to increase the added value of your products in the last few years:
Inexpensive, high-quality displays for I/O systems, statistics, status indicators, instructions and user support.
If we consider cloud solutions, the control of maintenance and the like, new service areas arise for your company.

For your successful projects

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SGS Solutions in the product lifecycle

If you are looking for efficient solutions for the upstream and downstream processes: We have a unique portfolio and cover the entire spectrum for successful electronic products.

ReparaturWartung Featured

Repairs and maintenance

Accurate. Integrated into your processes. Increasing your returns.

Gerätemontage Featured

Device assembly

Procurement. Assembly. Tests. Packaging. Logistics.

EMS Featured

Contract manufacturing electronics

Flexible. Scalable. From a single source. EU compliant. In Germany or offshore.

Prototypenbau Featured


Speed. Security. Safety. Cost optimization.

Schaltungs HW Entwicklung Featured

Circuit and hardware development

Your end product in focus. Solution oriented.