Device assembly

Without professional assembly, no electrical device can be produced that meets the demands of the market.
Device assembly is therefore a central component for the success of companies in the electrical device industry.
For our customers, we were able to reduce the fixed costs in device assembly by 100% and contribute to their success and flexibility.

Device assembly with SGS Solutions

At the SGS device assembly, we manufacture your devices ready for sale on request. Including sales packaging and all accessories.
You can sell the device immediately, without having to push it through any additional processes on your premises.
This service relieves our customers’ capacities. Some customers use our capabilities without own in-house assembly lines.

As one of the few companies, we offer the development and production of all components in addition to assembly. Of course, you can also only use partial services from our overall process. That depends on how you can best benefit from our cooperation. Let us see and talk about what would benefit you the most.

Procurement and disposition of all individual parts and accessories (housing, metal parts, instructions, certifications, packaging, etc.). Provided by us or by you.

Assembling cables or soldering them into electronics. Since these are often the weakest links in the chain, high quality is particularly important for function and safety.

We assemble the device from all the components and attach all the necessary information (stickers).

If the device requires software, this will be installed.

Quality assurance. We test and measure using standardized test procedures.

Packing with all accessories such. B. Mounting material, accessories and operating instructions.

We organize all logistics. There are all possible variants. From temporary storage to on-demand delivery. Just tell us your needs, we will take care of it.

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Processes, precise work and planning are essential for the assembly of your devices

For your success

How device assembly by SGS Solutions contributes to your success.

Thanks to our development department, we know all the requirements and ensure the safety and conformity of your devices.

Through decades of experience with electronic components, we know exactly how important it is to work reliably and accurately with complex devices.

Development, assembly, service: We know and can do the processes and know what is important now and in the subsequent process.

We accompany your product from the first testing of the market through maintenance work to the end of the product life cycle.

For high volumes, the use of our capacities in India makes a lot of sense and is possible for you without an additional partner.

In combination with the production of the components by us, you get an unbeatably lean process.

Whether on demand or storage with us with assembly as required, kanban or consignment: we offer you a wide range of options. We can deliver around the clock.

For your successful projects

Write us an e-mail, or let us just have chat, we look forward to.

SGS Solutions in the product lifecycle

If you are looking for efficient solutions for the upstream and downstream processes: We have a unique portfolio and cover the entire spectrum for successful electronic products.

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